Anti-Money Laundering Policies:


Storm FX Marketz
is committed to the highest standards of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF). The aim of the Companies Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policy is to actively prevent the risks of these matters.  To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person opening an account. We are under the obligation to report suspicious activities of clients relevant to money laundering.
Money laundering – the process of converting funds, received from illegal activities (such as fraud, corruption, terrorism, etc.), into other funds or investments that look legitimate to hide or distort the real source of funds.

The process of money laundering can be divided into three sequential stages:
  1. Placement. At this stage, funds are converted into financial instruments, such as checks, bank accounts, and money transfers, or can be used for purchasing high-value goods that can be resold. They can also be physically deposited into banks and non-bank institutions (e.g., currency exchangers). To avoid suspicion by the company, the launderer may as well make several deposits instead of depositing the whole sum at once, this form of placement is called smurfing.
  2. Layering. Funds are transferred or moved to other accounts and other financial instruments. It is performed to disguise the origin and disrupt the indication of the entity that made the multiple financial transactions. Moving funds around and changing in their form makes it complicated to trace the money being laundered.
  3. Integration. Funds get back into circulation as legitimate to purchase goods and services.

Storm FX Marketz adheres to the principles of Anti-Money Laundering and actively prevents any actions that aim or facilitate the process of legalizing of illegally gained funds. AML policy means preventing the use of the company’s services by criminals, with the aim of money laundering, terrorist financing or other criminal activity.
To prevent money laundering, Storm FX Marketz  neither accepts nor pays cash under any circumstances. The company reserves the right to suspend any client’s operation, which can be regarded as illegal or, may be related to money laundering in the opinion of the staff.

Company Procedures

Storm FX Marketz will make sure that it is dealing with a real person or legal entity. Storm FX Marketz also performs all the required measures in accordance with applicable law and regulations, issued by monetary authorities. The AML policy is being fulfilled within Storm FX Marketz by the following means:

  1. know your customer policy and due diligence
  2. monitoring client’s activity
  3. record keeping

Know your customer: Because of the company’s commitment to the AML and KYC policies, each client of the company has to finish a verification procedure. Before Storm FX Marketz starts any cooperation with the client, the company ensures that satisfactory evidence is produced or such other measures that will produce satisfactory evidence of the identity of any customer or counterparty are taken. The company as well applies heightened scrutiny to clients, who are residents of other countries, identified by credible sources as countries, having inadequate AML standards or that may represent a high risk for crime and corruption and to beneficial owners who reside in and whose funds are sourced from named countries.

Individual clients

During the process of registration, each client provides personal information, specifically: full name; date of birth; country of origin; and complete residential address. The following documents are required in order to verify the personal information: A client sends the following documents (in case the documents are written in non-Latin characters: to avoid any delays in the verification process, it is necessary to provide a notarized translation of the document in English) because of the requirements of KYC and to confirm the indicated information:

  1. Current valid passport (showing the first page of the local or international passport, where the photo and the signature are clearly visible); or
  2. Driving licence which bears a photograph; or
  3. National identity card (showing both front and back pages);
  4. Documents proving current permanent address (such as utility bills, bank statements, etc.) containing the client’s full name and place of residence. These documents should not be older than 3 months from the date of filing.
Corporate clients

In case the applicant company is listed on a recognised or approved stock exchange or when there is independent evidence to show that the applicant is a wholly owned subsidiary or a subsidiary under the control of such a company, no further steps to verify identity will normally be required. In case the company is unquoted and none of the principal directors or shareholders already has an account with Storm FX Marketz, the following documentations must be provided:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation or any national equivalent;
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association and statutory statement or any national equivalent;
  3. Certificate of good standing or other proof of registered address of the company;
  4. Resolution of the board of directors to open an account and confer authority on those who will operate it;
  5. Copies of powers of attorney or other authorities given by the directors in relation to the company;
  6. Proof of identity of directors in case he/she will deal with Storm FX Marketz on behalf of the Customer (according to the Individual identity verification rules described above);
  7. Proof of identity of the beneficial owner(s) and/or the person(s) on whose instructions the signatories on the account are empowered to act (according to the Individual identity verification rules described above).
Monitoring of client activity

In addition to gathering information from the clients, Storm FX Marketz continues to monitor the activity of every client to identify and prevent any suspicious transactions. A suspicious transaction is known as a transaction that is inconsistent with the client’s legitimate business or the usual client’s transaction history known from client activity monitoring. Storm FX Marketz has implemented the system of monitoring the named transactions (both automatic and, if needed, manual) to prevent using the company’s services by criminals.

Record keeping

Records must be kept of all transaction data and data obtained for the purpose of identification, as well as of all documents related to money laundering topics (e.g. files on suspicious activity reports, documentation of AML account monitoring, etc.). Those records are kept for a minimum of 7 years after the account is closed.

Measures taken

In cases of an attempt to execute transactions which Storm FX Marketz suspects that are related to money laundering or other criminal activity, it will proceed in accordance with the applicable law and report suspicious activity to the regulating authority.
Storm FX Marketz reserves the right to suspend any client’s operation, which can be regarded as illegal or may be related to money laundering in the opinion of the staff. Storm FX Marketz has complete discretion to temporarily block the suspicious client account or terminate an existing client relationship. For more information you can contact us at support email


Customer Agreement KYC:


1.1. This public offer is available on the web-site Name of Broker and is a public offer to
conclude a brokerage service agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) and
describes the current terms and conditions for brokerage services provided by Storm FX Marketz
Markets LLC, a company incorporated under the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,
with company number 1624 LLC 2021, Address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre,
Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) to its

1.2. The Client of the Company is any legal entity or individual who has accepted the terms
of this public offer (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”). The acceptance of the terms of the
public offer is made by filling in the registration form for opening of the Trading account with
the Company, and ticking the box “I agree with the terms of the public offer and its annexes”.

1.3. The subject of this Agreement is the provision to the Client of the services listed in
section 2 of this Agreement.

1.4. Terms and definitions that are found in the text of this Agreement has the next meaning:
“Site” is the website of the Company Storm FX Marketz LLC “Personal Cabinet” means the
individual space of the Client on the Company’s Site, access to which is opened after the
Customer’s identification through the introduction of a unique login and password. Through
the Personal Cabinet, the Client’s Trading accounts are maintained, the register of
transactions is maintained, and the Client’s information support is maintained.

“Trading account” is a unique personalized register of Trading transactions in the Trading
Platform, which reflects, open positions, closed positions, non-trading operations (such as
operations to deposit funds into the Trading account or withdraw funds from the Trading

“Trading platform” is a set of software and hardware that provides information on real-time
trading in financial markets, conducts trading operations, records mutual obligations between
the Client and the Company, and observes terms and conditions.

“Trading transaction” is a transaction for the purchase or sale of a Financial Instrument.
“Financial instrument” means the ability to trade on the difference between spot exchange
rates of foreign exchange or another type of underlying asset, or another Financial
instrument of this kind.



2.1. The Company provides the following services to the Client:

2.1.1. Conducting conversion-arbitrage Trading transactions without direct delivery of the
underlying asset, using Financial Instruments. Each Financial Instrument with which the
Client commits a Trading Transaction shall be deemed settlement. Settlements on Trade
transactions between the Company and the Client do not imply the physical delivery of the
currency or asset declared in the Financial Instrument (contract).

2.1.2. Creation and maintenance of the Client’s account, namely:

– creation of a Personal cabinet for the Client;

– assignment to the Client of unique access codes, which unambiguously separate the
client’s funds from other funds of the Company and other clients. The company guarantees
the security of access codes in secret;

– the Company’s consent to accept to its account the Client’s funds for transactions with
Financial Instruments on behalf of the Client;
– opening of Trading accounts;

– crediting and withdrawing the Client’s available funds to the Trading account and from the
Trading account of the Client in accordance with the Client’s orders and the Company’s
current rules;

– withdrawal and accrual of relevant commission payments, bank interest and other charges,
and write-offs of funds from the Trading account or to the Trading account of the Client in
accordance with the Company’s current trading conditions;

– implementation of informational and technical support of the Client;

– collection and processing of the Client’s data, conducting Client identification procedures;

– provision of specialized software intended for the transmission of analytical signals;

– provision of the Client with software necessary for the performance of trading operations,
as well as by analyzing the market situation through the Internet;

– any intermediary activity of the Company in the execution of Client’s Trading orders for the
purchase or sale of Financial Instruments where possible;

– accounting, recording and execution of the Client’s instructions through any third party
principal and / or at the expense of the Company itself.

2.2. The Company provides services to the Client exclusively through the Internet. Other
means of communication can be used if the Company deems it necessary. The company is
not responsible for the inability to provide services in the event of problems with connecting
to the Internet.

2.3. The Company provides to the Client an access to its trading history for any period of
time. Access to the trading history is carried out by the Client independently, through the
trading platform.

2.4. The Company, as well as employees of the Company and its representative offices or
branches, do not provide the Client with any advice regarding legislation, taxation or
accounting, as well as advice on the appropriateness or profitability of any transaction. With
respect to the Client’s trading operations, the Company only ensures the transfer of Client’s
Trading Orders, does not provide trast management services, and does not provide any



3.1. The company publishes the size of all current commissions and costs, depending on the
financial instruments chosen by the Client, in the Personal Cabinet.

3.2. The Company may change the amount of commissions / spreads / swaps and other
costs without prior written notice to the Client.

3.3. The Company provides information service for obtaining current market prices for traded
financial instruments.

3.4. The Client understands and agrees that in the event of the use of certain packages, the
Client can use different liquidity providers and their products. In the case of a change of
liquidity providers, the Client accepts the fact that all next trading operations may have other
quotes than initially broadcast by the primary liquidity provider, can and/or will be
implemented in the new environment of another liquidity provider. All positions that were
opened before the entry into force of such changes, will be closed on the terms by which
they were opened.

3.5. Each Client’s order to buy or sell a Financial instrument is not committed by the same
operation equivalent amount in any market. The result (profit or loss) generated by the
Company on the basis of netting, that is, by offsetting mutual claims and liabilities for all
transactions of the Clients. Uncompensated position of the Company may be transferred to a
third party principal, when necessary.

3.6. The Company accepts the national currency of payment of the Client in the converted
equivalent in relation to the U.S. dollar by transfer through the instruments of banks and
payment systems with subsequent conversion. This conversion is carried out under the
terms of the Client’s selected instruments in the Personal cabinet. The conversion rate for
Client’s payments is published in the Personal cabinet or at the web-site of the Company.

3.6. The Company shall perform withdrawals of Client’s funds on the basis of market rate of
national currency of the Client’s payments to the dollar equivalent of the US in relation to
officially established by National Bank of the Client’s country for the currency of payment of
the Client, but not higher than the official exchange rate of the currency of payment of the
Client, set by the National Bank on the date of the first payment.



4.1. The Client is entitled to expect to receive the services described above in full size.

4.2. The Client may at any time require the return of funds within the available balance. In
this case, the withdrawal is carried out in the manner and on the terms and conditions of this

4.3. The Client is entitled to an unlimited number of times to change the password assigned
to him during registration, for the purpose of maintaining necessary degree of confidentiality.

4.4. The Client is obliged to provide accurate information about his own person at the
registration of account and the conclusion of the Agreement, and also to provide documents,
in accordance with the requirements of the Company.

4.5. The company has the right to close all or part of the open positions (contracts), if the
ratio of the amount of the Client’s deposit and the current loss to the amount reserved under
the current open positions of collateral (the level of funds) may pose a threat to the onset of
a situation where the ratio of the amount of the deposit and the current loss to the amount
reserved for current open lien position (level of funds), becomes equal to or less than the
company level (stop out). Current interest rate at which the Company may apply this
provision is published on the Company’s website.

4.6. The Company reserves the right to refuse in service in case of violation of Client’s
obligations or the rules of the Company. The Company has the right to take any action to
prevent the actions of the Client of a malicious nature, the Company is entitled to claim
compensation of costs or losses incurred by the Client in their proper justification, or the
Company may refuse in service without any explanation – in this case the right to
compensation of costs is lost.

4.7. In order to protect the interests of the Company’s clients, the legislation governing the
activities of financial institutions, the fight against money laundering, the fight against
terrorism, prevention of fraudulent activities and protection the Company’s interests, the
Company may in case of identification of suspicious transactions, not trading operations or
operations that violate the terms of this Agreement, require additional information and \ or
documentation from the Client about the essence and nature of his actions, not to take
instructions and requirements of the Client orders until the end of the investigation
procedure; and laos the Company may refuse to comply with the terms of this Agreement
before the end of the inquiry procedure.

4.8. No article of this Agreement cannot be a basis for civil liability of the Company for failure
to perform obligations under this Agreement.

4.9. The company has the right to block the Personal cabinet, and/or attached trading
accounts of the Client in the following events:

– if the Company determines that a Client’s personal information is untrue;

– if the Company determines that the Client has taken actions (attempts) of unauthorized
access to IT assets of the Company and receiving insider information of any type.

4.10. The Client is obliged to send the Company an email from only one email indicated at
registration (letters registered at a single domain website and having different ends of the
domain name are valid).

4.11. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Company has no obligations to pay
interest or guarantee payments corresponding to the level of inflation on the cash balance of
the Client regardless of the time spent of funds in the accounts of the Client.

4.12. The Company does not accept any orders for payments from the Client’s account to
third parties, unless otherwise is fixed by an additional agreement between the Company
and the Client.

4.13. The Client agrees and fully accepts that the withdrawal of funds from his Trading
account is made by the method and in the manner prescribed by the Company. The
Company reserves the right to change the established order of withdrawal and regulate it
according to current needs and forced circumstances, without the necessity to agree such
needs and circumstances with the Client.

4.14. The Client is entitled to register only one Personal cabinet using his data. In case of
registration of the second and farther personal cabinets all additional personal cabinets of
the Client will be blocked with notification of the Client.



5.1. This Agreement comes into force from the moment the Client completes the registration
form for opening a Trading Account and ticking the box “I agree with the terms of the public
offer and its annexes”. The Agreement is valid for an indefinite period, until the termination of
its operation by one of the Parties, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

5.2. Either party may terminate the present Agreement unilaterally, with notice to the other
Party not less than 20 (twenty) working days before the intended date of termination. In
addition, each of the Parties is obliged to fulfil the obligations arising before the date of
termination of this Agreement.

5.3. The Company reserves the right, in the case of establishing the fact of gross violation of
the terms of this Agreement, to terminate the present Agreement with the notification of the
Client about this fact.

5.4. In that case, if the Client at the time of termination of this Agreement in the trading
account remains the funds, the withdrawal thereof shall be in accordance with this

5.5. If any provision of this Agreement, or any part of any provision is recognised by a court
of competent jurisdiction not enforceable, then such provision will be treated as a separate
part of the Agreement and it will not affect the legal validity of the remaining parts of this

5.6. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally, without disclosure of the reasons to
block the account of Client at the time of the investigation or to terminate the agreement in
the Agreement in General, if security service of Company will set one of the following facts:
fraud, breach of Agreement in general, the application Client methods of trading that are a
threat to the existence of the Company, both direct and indirect, including threat to any
technical or economic aspects of its activities, including the creation of increased load on the
server. However, the Company is obliged to fully refund the Client the initial deposit in
accordance with the terms of this Agreement, if the Company has no damages.



6.1. The Company shall be liable only for actual damage caused to the Client due to the fault
of the Company, i.e. as a result of default of liabilities of the Company under this Agreement,
while loss of Client benefit is not refundable. In all other cases the Client’s losses are the
result of his actions or inactions.

6.2. In case of contact with the flow of non-market quotations, the display of incorrect data in
your account, the account history or open positions, and the Company informs the Client by
email as a contact, or doing the message on website transaction of the Client as brought
profit and losses are subject to cancellation or correlation with market conditions.

6.3. The Client shall be liable before the Company for losses incurred by Company due to
Client’s fault, including for damage caused as a result of not providing (late submission) by
the Client of any documents that the Company provided in this Agreement, and the relevant
regulations. The Client is responsible for damage caused to the Company as a result of any
misrepresentation contained in the provided Company documents to the Client.

6.4. The Company is not liable for Client’s losses, if such losses arose as a result of hacker
attacks, incidents (failures) computer networks, power electric networks or
telecommunication systems that are directly used to negotiate the conditions of foreign
exchange transactions or providing other procedures of the Company that occurred through
no fault of the Company.

6.5. The Company is not responsible for unauthorized use of Client’s identification data by
third parties.

6.6. The Company is not responsible for the results of conversion, arbitrage transactions,
decisions on which werefgh accepted by the Client, on the basis of analytical materials
provided by the Company. The Client is informed that foreign exchange and arbitrage
transactions involve a risk of non-receipt of expected income and loss of part or the entire
amount of money.

6.7. The Company always acts as principal in the relationship with the Client, except when
the Client is informed otherwise by written notice by means of communication in accordance
with the Agreement.

6.8. The present Agreement does not contain provisions excluding or restricting obligations,
or obligations to the Client that the Company is not permitted to exclude or limit, in
accordance with the legislation of the country of registration of the Company. In the event of
a contradiction between this Agreement with the rights of the Client, legal rights of the
country of registration of the Company shall prevail. The Company does not assume any
additional obligations or fiduciary duties other than those stipulated in the provisions of the

6.9. Source code, structure, algorithms and architectural organization of the software are
protected by copyright, trade secret law, intellectual property, trademarks, patents and other
rights. The Client has no right to carry out the actions directed on an indirect usage of the
services of the Company on the subject, which is not consistent with the purposes of this
Agreement (hereinafter called “unauthorized use”):

– use any errors of the software for profit;

– to copy, distribute, publish, decompile, retranslate, disassemble, modify or convert the
software or make any attempt to gain access to the source code to create derivative works
based on the source code of the software or otherwise distribute the paid product of the

– to sell, assign, sublicense, transfer, distribute or provide the software for temporary use;

– provide access to the software of the Company to any third party through a computer
network or otherwise;

– export the software in any country (whether by physical or electronic means) without the
prior written consent of the Company;

– use the software in any way, snagging the Agreement or prohibited by applicable laws and

6.10. The Client is responsible for payment of all taxes (in his state or abroad) relating to or
arising out of or in connection with the execution of the Agreement in accordance with
applicable law or the existing practice of taxation with regard to their possible changes.




7.1. All disputes and disagreements between the Parties on the conclusion and settlement of
transactions with Financial instruments and other actions provided for in this Agreement
shall be resolved through negotiations, and, if the consent is not achieved, in a judicial
manner, subject to the claims procedure for resolving disputes.

7.2. Claims are accepted only in writing to the Company’s e-mail address or through the
message system in the Personal cabinet. Claims filed in a different manner (by phone, fax,
etc.) are not accepted for consideration. The conditions for drawing up such a complaint are
in accordance with the conditions for the preparation of the claim.

7.3. The claim must contain: the personal data (last name, first name and patronymic) of the
Client, the number of the trading account, the date and time of the conflict situation
(according to the system time of the trading terminal), tickets of all disputed positions and /
or pending orders, description of the essence of the conflict of interests with due justification.

7.4. Claims are accepted for consideration by the Company within 5 (five) working days from
the moment when the Client has learned or should have learned about the occurrence of a
disputable situation. The delay in filing a claim is grounds for refusing to consider it. The total
period for consideration of the claim is set at 5 (five) working days from the date of receipt of
the last.

7.5. The Company reserves the right to block all or part of all operations on the accounts of
the Client who filed a claim with the Company, until the dispute is resolved or until the parties
reach an interim agreement.



8.1. By concluding this Agreement the Client guarantees the following:

– The Client acknowledges that the Company does not possess information about the
procedure and possible restrictions when the Client performs operations that constitute the
subject of this Agreement.

– The Client takes care of compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the country
of his residence (residence) while carrying out the specified activity. The Company’s rights
under this Agreement are additional to the rights established by the legislation of the country
of incorporation of the Company.

– The Client carefully studied the contents of this Agreement. The Client is notified that in the
event of disagreement with any clause (s) of the Agreement, the Client may refuse the
services of the Company only before accepting the terms (acceptance) of the Agreement,
that is, until the conclusion of the Agreement. From the moment of conclusion of the
Agreement it is considered that the Client agrees with all the terms of the Agreement.

– The Client is informed, fully aware and agrees that the risk in the trading of financial
instruments can be significant. The client is fully aware that he may lose part or all of the
funds deposited on the Company’s account for an indefinite period of time. Therefore, the
Client must independently control the level of risks (losses) in the trading account.

– The Client guarantees that it possesses the necessary legal capacity and legal capacity,
as well as all the rights and powers necessary and sufficient for the conclusion of the
Agreement, is not in a state of alcohol and / or narcotic intoxication, nor is he under the
influence of delusion, deception, violence, threat.

– The Client is aware that in order to control possible losses, the Client needs to check the
status of the trading account as often as possible, at least once a day, use “stop loss”
(liquidation of loss-making positions when the market reaches a certain price), automatically
limit losses for each separate transaction, and also regularly change the password to the
trading account;

– The client is notified that the placement of security orders, such as an order for the
liquidation of loss-making positions, will not necessarily limit the Client’s loss to the expected
amount, if unfavorable conditions prevail on the market. For example, breaks in prices after
the end of the trading session, world defaults and more;

– The Client understands and acknowledges that in case of a strong price movement on the
market (including gap) it is not always possible to fulfill the Client’s Trading order at the
desired price – this is especially true at times of global crises, terrorist acts, defaults and
other events that have strong influence on the market;

– The Client understands and acknowledges that trading in financial instruments through the
Internet is a high-tech service and the Company does not bear any responsibility for failures
related to power outages, communication line failures, equipment providers, disconnection of
quoting feeders and other technological risk-related malfunctions that aan take place;

– The Client independently ascertains and controls the issue of legality of the activities that
constitute the subject of this Agreement, as well as the need to obtain licenses or other
permits, according to the legislation of his country of residence;

– The Client also acknowledges and agrees that this section of the Agreement is not able to
fully disclose all risks associated with the trading of financial instruments. In this regard, the
Client should study the trading in financial instruments as much as possible before
commencing trading activities;

– The Client is aware that marginal trading is a high-risk activity and it may lose some or all
of the available funds in the account, therefore it is not recommended to use the funds
necessary for a sufficient level of well-being for trade; The client should not start trading if he
does not understand the basic principles of margin trading, or he does not understand how
to use software for trading and monitoring of trading transactions. The risks are described in
more detail in the “Risk Disclosure”, which is an integral part of this Agreement, and the
Client confirms the fact of its familiarization with the described risks.



9.1. Amendments and additions to this Agreement, as well as attachments, are made by the
Company unilaterally, such changes come into effect from the moment of publication of the
public offer in a new edition on the Company’s website.

9.2. The Client must, at least once a week, independently or through authorized persons,
contact the Company’s website for information about changes and / or additions made in this

9.3. Any changes and additions to this Agreement from the moment of entry into force in
compliance with the procedures of this section shall equally apply to all persons who have
concluded the Agreement, including those who concluded the Agreement before the date of
the entry into force of the amendments. In case of disagreement with the amendments or
additions made to this Agreement by the Company, the Client has the right to submit a
request for termination of the Agreement unilaterally within 3 (three) days from the date of
entry into force of such amendments or additions.



10.1. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Company’s jurisdiction, without regard
to choice of law principles. All actions of the Company, including the provision of services
under this Agreement, take place on the territory of the Company’s jurisdiction.

10.2. The place of provision of services is the place where the final actions necessary to
provide the service are carried out.

10.3. The Client is unconditional:

– agrees that the courts of the country of Company’s jurisdiction have the right of exclusive
jurisdiction which determines any procedural actions with respect to this Agreement;

– Subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Company’s jurisdiction;

– agrees never to file a claim regarding the fact that such a place of proceeding is
inconvenient or that it has no legal force in respect of the Client.

10.4. Client definitively and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, refuses both
for themselves and in relation to their income and assets (irrespective of their use or
intended use) of immunity (on the grounds of sovereignty or any other similar grounds) by
bringing to court, including in a particular jurisdiction, seizure of assets (whether before or
after judgment), or other performance, including enforcement, of any judgment in respect of

the Client, his incomes or assets;

10.5. In the event of any conflict between this Agreement and any applicable regulatory
documents, the latter shall prevail. The Company has the right, at its discretion, to take any
action or refuse to take any action to enforce the provisions, applicable regulatory
documents, and the decision taken by the Company is mandatory for the Client.

10.6. The language of interaction between the Parties is English. All documents for the
Company are provided by the Client in any of the specified languages. In case of request of
the Company, the Client undertakes to make a translation into one of the official languages.

10.7. The use of obscene language, hate speech within the framework of communication
with the Company’s employees is unacceptable. The Company reserves the right to:

– deny the Client services in case of violation of the conditions of communication;

– ignore the Client’s message;

– in order to counteract conflicts of interest and ensure the safety of employees, the
Company has the right not to disclose the personal data of its employees and to prevent
personal communication (not connected with the object of the Agreement) between the
company’s employees and customers;

– to ignore repeated appeals on open appeals already opened or reopening closed
applications, such as those that prevent a transparent process of studying the subject of

– minimize communication until the investigation is fully completed in the event of a
reasoned suspicion that the Client violated the norms of the Treaty, the laws and customs of
the world business turnover in the financial markets.



11.1. The Company has the right to conclude an offensive to force majeure (force majeure).
The Company duly takes appropriate steps to inform the Client about the occurrence of force
majeure. Force majeure circumstances include (not limited to):

– any action, event or phenomenon (including, but not limited to, any strike, riot or civil
unrest, terrorist acts, wars, natural disasters, accidents, fires, floods, storms, power outages,
communication, program or electronic equipment, civil disorders) which, in the opinion of the
Company, led to destabilization of market or markets of one or several tools;

– drastically and/or significantly changed circumstances in the financial market, which are
recognized by market regulators, financial instruments (any jurisdiction), market participants
or any government official of the Central authorities governing financial instruments, whose
statements can affect the volatility of the market or its individual instruments;

– suspension, liquidation or closure of any market, the lack of any event on which the
Company bases quotes, the imposition of limits, special or unusual trading conditions in any
market or in respect of any such events.

11.2. If the Company has established the occurrence of force majeure, the Company shall
be entitled (without prejudice to other rights of the Company under the relevant agreement)
without prior written notice and at any time to take any of the following steps:

– change requirements;

– close any or all open positions of the Client at a price which the Company considers

– to cancel all or part of the transactions closed by the Client which were made under the
actions and consequences of the force majeure;

– to write off the relevant gain or loss resulting from the transactions the Client made during
or after the occurrence of the force majeure;

– to suspend or change application of one or all of the provisions of the relevant Agreement
until the occurrence of the force majeure makes it impossible to comply with these provisions
by the Company;

– to take or not to take any actions against Company, Client and other clients if the
Company on good grounds considers it appropriate under the circumstances.

11.3. The parties shall not be liable to each other for delay or failure to perform its
obligations due to circumstances of insuperable force (force majeure), arisen against the will
and desires of the parties and which could not have been foreseen or avoided, including
declared or actual war, civil unrest, fires and other natural disasters.

11.4. The party that cannot fulfill its obligations due to force majeure, shall, within 7 (seven)
days, notify the other party about these circumstances. Failure to notify or untimely
notification deprives notify the parties of the right to invoke these circumstances as grounds
for exemption from liability for non-performance or improper performance of obligations
under this Agreement. In case force majeure lasts for more than 1 (one) month, the parties
must negotiate to develop a common position on the continuation of this Agreement.


All trading involves risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.